Google Play

The core of the brand evolution started with Play's own equity. We saw untapped potential in the legacy of Google Play's logo, commonly referred to as "the Prism." We honed in on the idea that prisms are active and multidimensional––just like discovery. Revealing an opportunity to build a brand that unlocked an entire spectrum of Play.  

The redesign shifts the prism from a static logo into a prismatic behavior—always seeking to reveal new sides of what you love and expand your world. To deliver a single cohesive visual, verbal, and behavioral identity system. The team developed a unique brand voice that inspired discovery and celebrated people's contradictory interests that make Play so rewarding; a new prismatic visual design system that was reflective of every side of Play; and behavior that prioritized user-first interaction across all of Play's marketing materials. Giving users something new (and maybe even unexpected).

Augustus Cook / Brittany Messenger / Bruno Da Silva / Elaine Li / Kayla Watson / Bethany Kennedy / Guadalupze Gonzalez / Junsun Ko / Kinzie Burke / Anjelica Claxton Christian Kuge Ryan Walker Chaya Leverton / John Ererkson / Rafael Rodrigues