R/GA is built on a culture of collaboration, bringing creative and technology talent together to spark fresh approaches at the intersections of different disciplines.

Founded by Bob Greenberg and his brother Richard in New York in 1977, R/GA is now part of the Interpublic Group of Companies. A global network has seventeen offices across the US, Latin America, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific.

We developed a new identity system based on the brand's needs – we have a flexible system inspired by the Bauhaus square – all to reflect a global creative network, working across communications, brand design, customer experience, and customer relationships.

Lars Hansson / Jon Marsh / Nikhil Mitter / Andy Wong / Brittany Messenger / Nicholas Karlovich / Sofia Urrutia / Gabby Weintraub / Bruno Da Silva / Siavash Khasha /Jessica Liebers / Agustina CarneroSturm / Sofia Urrutia / Elaine Li