At R/GA, instead of “business resource groups” or “employee resources groups,” we take a more human approach to creating community. We created Culture Collectives: voluntary, employee-led affinity groups designed to enrich our people first and foremost, as well as deliver added value to R/GA and our clients.WomanUp, one of six Culture Collectives, is an intersectional community of women and allies devoted to working together to support and elevate women at R/GA through purposeful education, meaningful connection, and change-worthy conversation. Over the past year, we’ve been redefining and optimizing our brand system to better reflect the power that women wield in the workplace and the world over. We’ve created a flexible, multidimensional identity that allows us to be strong and soft; assertive and amiable. TL;DR: It allows us to be ourselves. Welcome to WomanUp.

Giselle Childs / Melanie Martell / Nichole Ricketts / Elaine Li