Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Dave Rienzi, and John Shulman founded and formulated ZOA to be an energy drink people could trust––one that is cleaner, more balanced, and doesn’t cause the jitters or crashes many competitors are known for. In its first year, ZOA became the fastest-growing energy drink in the US; however, the brand wasn’t living up to their ambitions.

The founders asked R/GA to expand the narrative beyond the four walls of the gym and help fuel sustainable growth. We started with the brand strategy and then activated that across a new identity, packaging design, and GTM approach.

We identified that ZOA needed to avoid the category conventions of consuming for outcomes and pushing to the extreme––and establish themselves as the global “positive energy” player. We rebuilt the brand to celebrate the many reasons people choose to get an extra boost––and the effect that has on those around them. The evolved identity is bold, active, and confident. The effect is a brand that feels like a rallying cry, with a design system that inspires community and conversation.